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True Cost Calculator

  Hays  Denver Kansas City, MO. Wichita
Average Round Trip Ticket Price1  $433.27  $338.00 $376.08   $410.41
 Cost of Economy Parking for Four Days2  FREE!  $32.00  $28.00  $36.00
 Round Trip Cost of Driving3  $5.75  $377.20  $318.55  $218.50
 Round Trip Drive Time to the Airport  20 MIN  9.5HRS  8 HRS  5.5 HRS
 Cost of Your Time Spent Driving to the Airport4  $6.18  $117.24  $98.72  $67.55
 Average Time Spent Waiting in the TSA Line5  10 MIN or Less  ~30 MIN  ~30 MIN  ~10 MIN
 Total Cost  $442.20  $864.44  $821.35  $732.79

1. Based on airfares reported on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics website (

2. Information is gathered from the airport websites using the most conservative numbers for a four day trip

3. Based on $0.575 per mile based on the IRS Business Standard Mileage Rate

4. Derived from census data assuming the median wage in Ellis County, KS is $12.34/Hr.

5. Based on Average Wait Times Reported by the TSA

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