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True Cost Calculator

Did you know that the average cost of flying from Hays is cheaper than driving to another airport such as Denver, Kansas City, or Wichita. There are many factors to consider in purchasing a ticket. Some of these factors have to include your time, the cost of driving to another airport, cost of parking, or even the 15 to 30 minutes you spend traversing traffic lights and drive-thru windows when you get hungry going to the airport. I hope that flying from Hays can be a pleasant and convenient experience. Please let me know what you think about our air service by taking this short survey.

What is the true cost to fly from another airport
Hays Denver Kansas City, MO. Wichita
Average Round Trip Ticket Price1 $433.27 $338.00 $376.08 $410.41
Cost of Economy Parking for Four Days2 Free $32.00 $28.00 $36.00
Round-Trip Cost of Driving3 $5.75 $377.20 $318.55 $218.50
Round-Trip Drive Time to the Airport 20 MIN 9.5 HRS 8 HRS 5.5 HRS
Cost of your Time Spent Driving to the Airport4 $6.18 $117.24 $98.72 $67.55
Average Time Spent in the TSA Line5 10 MIN or Less 30 MIN 30 MIN 10 MIN
Total Cost: $445.20 $864.44 $821.35 $732.79

1. Based on airfares reported on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics website (

2. Information is gathered from the airport websites using the most conservative numbers for a four day trip

3. Based on $0.575 per mile based on the IRS Business Standard Mileage Rate

4. Derived from census data assuming the median wage in Ellis County, KS is $12.34/Hr.

5. Based on Average Wait Times Reported by the TSA



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